A Rainy Day Date in Seattle, Washington.

We woke up early Friday morning and began getting ready for a day in Seattle. We took a spontaneous trip to this city when we first starting dating 8 years ago so it is crazy to see how we’ve come full circle, now married, and spending our first year of marriage living here.

I knew my husband had quick business to handle in Seattle that morning but I didn’t anticipate it becoming a full on day date where we could explore and reminisce on the adventure we had way back then, retrack our steps and see how far we come together.

Yours Truly enjoying s Beer Flight at The Taproom at Pike Place.

We spent the beginning of our time at the waterfront near the Ferris Wheel talking about how we almost rode it together 8 years ago, how we almost took the ferry to wherever it went but we ran out of money by the time we decided. All of the things we ALMOST did back then we are going to try to do now since we are living here for a few years and have plenty of time and better money.

My favorite part of this date was hands down spontaneously heading into The Taproom at Pike Place mid-day . One of our favorite things to do together are beer tastings and pairings and when we saw various couples in the outdoor seating and inside sharing bar food and flights of beer together we decided to splurge it up and walk on in.

Because neither of us drink like we used to way back then (and since I also have a gluten sensitivity I’m working on managing) we decided to split a flight of ales, ciders and stouts.

Seattle , Like most big cities, is all ambiance. Everything is cozy, lit, open and welcome. Any food from any country and culture can be found right beside each other. Bolivian, South American, Indian, Mediterranean shawarmas and falafels, beer tastings, cannabis stores, Oaxacan and other Mexican restaurants. But one of the things I can never leave Seattle without, and I see this is true about New York as well, is the Pizza. I absolutely cannot leave Seattle without grabbing a slice from any of the mom and pop hole in the wall spots.

Slices from Ians.

Neither of us could remember where we bought our first slice of Seattle pizza 8 years ago or where the Mexican restaurant was that I fell in love with their tortilla soup so we decided to look for them on another day, pray they made it through the pandemic, and try something new.

This time we stopped by a pizza place called Ian’s Pizza on the Hill before heading onto the highway back home. We grabbed a couple slices fo $6, smothered them in Parmesan (and crushed red peppers for me) and left the city to sit in traffic all the way home.

Absolutely delicious. Next time I’m buying a whole pie on the way out.

Published by D. Nicole

A Newlywed nomadic artist traveling sporadically around the world tasting and experiencing life and love.

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