Roadtrip : North Texas to The Pacific Northwest

We made it! After a long 3 months of being apart , My husband and I were reunited in late October and prepared for the long trip up to the Washington state. We took the long way. The quickest way from North Texas to Washington is up through Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Through Utah, Eastern oregon and finally Washington. Instead, We drove through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and finally Washington in efforts to visit all of our family in various states as a newly married couple , celebrate a little and tie up any loose ends we could.

We’ve been officially married since July so to have already been through 7 states since then is pretty cool but we both were exhausted from the long drive.

Las Vegas, Nevada: Botanical Gardens at The Bellagio

We crash landed in Las Vegas where my immediate family now lives. Fresh off the road and feeling tired and raggedy, they took us to the Vegas Strip and Fremont street, and out to breakfast at a place called Blueberry Hill who had THE BEST PANCAKES WE’VE EVER HAD! That will be the breakfast spot we go to every time we are in town visiting my family. We truly had a great time and it was the highlight of the long journey. It is Vegas After all .

My husband has a fascination with Koi fish and after taking a peak at the newly constructed Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio Hotel, I took him to The Flamingo, a place I go to every time I am in Las Vegas to hang out with the flamingos and see all of the Koi Fish and other things swimming around in the ponds near the margarita stand. Whether Im in Las Vegas with family or just there on a solo trip I always seem to find myself at the Flamingo mostly in the mornings to start the day. It’s probably the most peaceful areas on the strip.

I wasn’t able to capture as much of the road trip scenery as I planned to because of my husbands preference to drive at night when there is less traffic. My favorite part of this drive which is Arizona got lost in the sauce. We found ourselves driving through the AZ mountains and into Vegas well after nightfall so the majestic red rocks and cacti and canyons I love to see just went unnoticed; covered in pitch black and 43 degree weather. I cant wait for the day I finally get to fully explore Arizona and hike through it. It is absolutely beautiful.

I was able to get a few quick pics from the drive through New Mexico. This state is My least favorite part of this route but there are a few gems. This time around, My husband and I decided to stop a few times through New Mexico mainly to look for some authentic moccasins for me which I never found there, and cowboy hats for him which I ended up buying for him in Vegas. The shops in New Mexico were a cool sight to see, there just wasn’t anything in our sizes or tastes available unfortunately.

But at last, we made it. Now living very close to the Canadian border. A place I never imagined I would live out of all the adventurous years I’ve spent traveling and exploring, This place was the furthest thing from my mind. We will be calling it home for the next few years before we move on elsewhere and we made a pact to enjoy, explore and get the most out of every place we end up. It’s so important to just enjoy the ride and soak up life’s experiences wherever the journey takes us so that is what we’ve been doing during the 8 years of knowing each other and what we plan to do moving forward.

When we first began dating in 2013, we took a spontaneous trip to the Pacific Northwest to Seattle so Its sort of amazing that we are now married and starting our married lives very close to that city.

Always intriguing to see life come full circle.

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